I just love the album Stuttin… really good rock n roll. Hi Ted was my uncle my name is Russell Mulry. White Shirt printed front only…. From the outside the old theatre looks beautiful, but my mum told me it was a piece of Sh….. I fell in love with him in an instant as young as I was! I wish there was a memorial for him somewhere, we love you Ted, you will always be in our hearts.

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Me August 30, He was a really nice person.

Ted Mulry Gang – Locked In (Vinyl LP) 1980

You would have to get the record re-recorded onto CD though. Me July 18,2: Just on some info where the guys are: Ian September 23, It has some very good tracks on it. It is a national treasure. Nothing like music to transport you straight back to your youth.

It looks really good in white vinyl too! Russell Mulry February 1, Rick Scutts May 3, Guitarist Gary Dixon joined around this time to complete the foursome. Les Hall appeared for a brief moment.


Kelly G January 30,7: It seems 11980 there is a committee that make up a short list of candidates.

TED MULRY GANG (TMG) — Struttin »

I thought that was decadent. I did the following interview with Herm Kovac recently, discussing the release of the aforementioned CD. However i sent a request to join Ted Mulry memorial, and i never heard back.

In reference to your question regarding the Album. TMG far outweigh the likes of Mondo Rock for example. I hope you can answer those couple of questions.

Me January 10,9: He still has a great smile and the baby face is older but still cute…lol. I just love the album Stuttin… really good rock n roll. The clip of Crazy is my favourite — I love that song.

That was in Wagga Wagga I lived in Junee and thank goodness that TMG hit the road and allowed everyone to see them live — not just the city slickers! David Rixon April 2,6: TMG Side 1 1.


Самый хорошо сриппированный альбом из всех выложенных. Ron Clayton January 20,2: TMG did a few tours which proved they thought of the country folk too! Me July 12,9: As far as I know there was a release in Australia and another in the US?

Well done and thank you: Its a real shame I only really learnt after his passing just how huge On were and what they did for Australian music.